About Subcoolture

My name is Sergio Jiménez and I was born in Toledo (Spain). I started Subcoolture in 2007, focusing on illustration and lettering. I have developed projects within editorial design, illustrated typography and advertising. I am always searching for new ways of composition trying to approach to graphic design in a very experimental way. I have a special interest in hand-drawn letters, skateboarding, comics, old B-movies and capricciosa pizza. I am a freelance illustrator available for commissions and collaborations, so feel free to contact me and share your proposals

Selected clients

Museo Thyssen, Dalziel & Pow, Primark, Fedrigoni, Sra Rushmore, S Moda, Editorial SM, Random House Mondadori,, Rolling Stone, Monográfica, Omnibus-type, Eastpak, Yorokobu, El Periódico de Catalunya, Renfe, Go Skateboarding, Toronto Life, Attik, Público, Disappear Here, ADCN, MultiÓpticas, Vallnord Freestyle, 40 Principales, Vodafone, RMG Connect, Leo Burnett, El País, Calle 20, Snowplanet, Xbox 360, Diesel, Marca, Nivea, ONCE, Fjord, Vanidad, Belio, Comunidad de Madrid, Picnic Editorial, Lecool, Index book, Revista Mia, Injuve, Junta de Castilla - La Mancha, Uno Magazine, UCLM, Kult, View of the times, étapes, Bis publishers

Press & books

Digital Arts, Manual de recursos tipográficos, Basic Cover, Computer Arts, Don Serifa, Creative Bloq, Yorokobu, Playful Type 2, Book of Creation, Antifichus, Lettering, Arte y diseño, Arkitip, Belio, AAAAA, NLF, Kult, Mediateca La Caixa, Uno Skateboard, étapes, Pocket, Feedback, Symbols, Pasajes diseño, Vanidad, Shape Skateboard, Público, esMadrid TV, Never use white type, Jotta, Revista Mu

Lectures & workshops

Museo ABC (2018, Madrid), Campus Madrid Google (2018), Neoland (2017, Madrid), CICE (2017, Madrid), Museo Thyssen (2016, Madrid), Type On (2016, Valladolid), Escuela Trazos (2016, Madrid), Biblioteca Nacional (2015, Madrid), Grafic-Ho (2015, Oviedo), Jornadas de Diseño en la Escuela de Arte (2015, Toledo), Jornadas de arte y diseño en la escuela de arte (2015, Guadalajara), Adobe New Creatives Meetup (2014, Madrid), Aperitipo (2014, Madrid), Playrestart (2014, Madrid), Typomad, (2013, Madrid, Spain), Miami Ad School Pro (2013, Madrid, Spain), ACUA Workshop (2013, Cuenca Spain), Ilustrísima - Museo ABC (2012, Madrid, Spain), 5CIT - EASD (2012, Valencia, Spain), Semana del diseño UEM (2012, Madrid, Spain), EA de Ciudad Real (2012, Ciudad Real, Spain), Weekend Pills Utopic Us (2012, Madrid, Spain), Design is thinking made visual MrMarcel School (2011, Madrid, Spain), Taller de diseño de tipografía Escuela de Arte (2011, Toledo, Spain), I Jornadas de Diseño Escuela de Arte (2011, Toledo, Spain) Universidad Carlos III (2011, Madrid, Spain) reset/days Miami Ad School (2011, Madrid, Spain) Facultad de BB.AA. (2010, Cuenca, Spain), IV Congreso Internacional de Tipografía (2010, Valencia, Spain), ESAG (2010, Guadalajara, Spain), Dfest - Matadero (2009, Madrid, Spain), Chilly Type III Congreso Internacional de Tipografía (2008, Valencia, Spain), Facultad de BB.AA. (2008, Cuenca, Spain), IED Istituto Europeo di Design (2008, Madrid, Spain), Ponencias I Congreso Internacional de Tipografía (2004, Valencia, Spain)